This is a quick tutorial / walkthrough for my queen of hearts butterfly wings. You can see the tutorial for the queen of hearts here.

Tools I used ~ Adobe Photoshop 6, Corel Painter 8, Wacom Intuos2 graphics tablet, two butterfly wing references, and lots of chocolate :)

Please note that I explain my techniques and brush settings in the queen of hearts tutorial, so I wont be repeating those here. Make sure you read that one first if you want to know those sorts of things.

1 + First we have the sketch. I put the sketch layer on a white background because it is easier to see than when it is on a red background. I used the same method of sketching as I explained in the first step of the queen of hearts tutorial.

2 + Pretty simple, I just block in the main colour.

3 + I wanted to get an idea of where I would have spots of dark colour, so I just paint those in using my typical brush settings in PS.

4 + Just darkening the spots :)

5 + Now I take the file into Painter, and I use the Round Camelhair and Opaque Round oil paint brushes to add colour. I used pure red and a pinkish-lavender colour for the highlights.

6 + Added some spots, more highlights, etc.

7 + Now that I have most of the colouring done, I add some of the light pinkish-lavender to the edges of the lines so they look more 3d. Especially to the part that comes out of her back and runs along the top of the wing - there may be a technical term for it but I don't know what it is :)

7 + I added a few more spots since part of the wing looked empty, and I added some red spots to the black ones. At this point I am happy with how they turned out, so I just zoom in and go over the edges to refine things. Here is a detail of the brush texture on the wings.