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These beautiful 5x7 cards are created by Tree-Free Greetings. Each card comes with a matching decorative envelope, and would even look great matted and framed. Tree-Free strives to use 100% environmentally friendly "tree-free" alternatives like Kenaf, which is a renewable, sustainable resource.

Postcards measure 4.25" x 5.6", and are printed on ultra-heavyweight (120 lb.) card stock with a beautiful gloss finish.

Don't see the artwork you were looking for?  More cards are available in my Zazzle Shop.

Postcard Set (4)-
Postcard Set (4)
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1st Postcard:
2nd Postcard:
3rd Postcard:
4th Postcard:
Card Set - 3 cards, your choice!-
Card Set - 3 cards, your choice!

1st Card:
2nd Card:
3rd Card:
Embossed Noteables-
Embossed Noteables

* 12 assorted 4x6" notecards
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3 Card Set - The Flower Fairies-
3 Card Set - The Flower Fairies
Rose, Lily of the Valley, & Forget-Me-Not
3 Card Set - Sweet Dreams-
3 Card Set - Sweet Dreams

3 Card Set - Birthstones - Garnet-
3 Card Set - Birthstones - Garnet

3 Card Set - Birthstones - Citrine-
3 Card Set - Birthstones - Citrine

3 Card Set - Moon Tide-
3 Card Set - Moon Tide

3 Card Set - Birth of a Star-
3 Card Set - Birth of a Star

3 Card Set - Sunset-
3 Card Set - Sunset

3 Card - Queen of Hearts-fairy fairies butterfly butterflies wing wings queen heart hearts valentine valentines fantasy red corset dress
3 Card - Queen of Hearts

3 Card Set - Twilight Shimmer-twilight shimmer fairy fantasy fairies wings wing butterfly sparkle sparkling sun sunset sunrise purple blue pink beautiful dress elf elves pixie pixies gargoyle ornate pattern marble stone
3 Card Set - Twilight Shimmer

3 Card Set - Lily of the Valley-fairy fairies fantasy green yellow spring lily of the valley flower flowers fairies faery fae pretty elf pixie mushroom mushrooms snail shell
3 Card Set - Lily of the Valley

3 Card Set - Forget-Me-Not-fairy fairies fae fantasy forget me not flower wing wings blue purple green butterfly flower flowers bud leaves beautiful
3 Card Set - Forget-Me-Not

3 Card Set - Rose-
3 Card Set - Rose

3 Card Set - Summer Fairy-summer fairy fairies wings wing butterfly butterflies summer time light lights lamp lamps wall cracks gargoyle gargoyles warm blue purple yellow orange
3 Card Set - Summer Fairy